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Why Your Investment Returns Are Lower Than You Think

Updated: Jan 7

The traditional method has been for investors to split their portfolios 60/40 (60% stocks and 40% bonds). Investors have been sold the line that investment returns will average 8-10% over the long term using this method. The reality is the long term average return for investors over the last 20 years in the S&P 500 index is just 4.5% according to a recent Forbes article.

So how can our fund achieve high results as compared to other investment options you may be thinking? The answer to that is twofold: One, our fund is being offered at the wholesale level as opposed to retail. Two, we engage in specialization and not diversification. Access to our fund is being offered presently at the wholesale level, meaning there is no middle men or diversification strategy to cut into the investment returns. The majority of other investments begin with much larger returns, but then that return level is significantly watered down by the time in reaches you, the retail customer. In addition, most other investments take the strategy of diversification, meaning they spread their investments into multiple channels to balance out the risks. We take the opposite strategy, specialization means we put all our investment ‘eggs’ in one basket and then we watch that basket very closely.

* An important note: Our fund is not intended as a place to put all your investment dollars. No responsible fund manager would advise for any investor to put all their investment funds in one place. That’s where the benefits of true diversification come into play. Investing your funds in multiple investment funds which specialize in their area of expertise is the original meaning of diversification. Our fund is intended to be a credible alternative to pure stock market investments. We endeavour to prove that a forex investment fund is a better investment option from a pure return on investment perspective, and also from a risk and security standpoint.


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