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Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Investment Advisor

Updated: Jan 30

These are the Top 5 questions to ask your investment advisor BEFORE you invest:

1) How quickly can I get my cash back?

As they say time is money and the sooner you can get your initial investment back, the happier you will be. That is why many are attracted to investments that pay dividends.

2) Over what time period can I realistically make money doing this investment?

Compound interest is quite simply money making more money by itself (without need for re-investment). As the chart below demonstrates, larger returns make a major difference over the long term:

3) How much effort do I have to put in to make this investment work? The third question is really about how much of pain in the butt will this investment be to keep going. Real estate comes top of mind in this factor. The returns can be good, but there is the constant need to deal with tenants, fix leaking toilets at inconvenient hours, etc.

4) How often will I have to reinvest to make this investment keep going? The fourth question is essential to know at the start as a great investment can turn into a poor one very quickly if you need to continue putting in additional money to make it keep going.

5) What are the risks of this investment and what can i do to reduce to minimize them?The final question is the most crucial - identifying and managing risk. After all, what benefit is it to have high investment returns only to lose your capital due to unexpected risks, carelessness, improper planning, or some other unknown factor.

At Canadian Wealth Strategies, our approach to forex investing is based on the fundamentals. That is, we focus solely on the numbers and raw data behind the currency value. Data such as GDP growth/contraction, inflation, interest rate differential, and trade surplus/deficit, short and long term bond yield curves, etc. are important to analyze in order to make consistently profitable investment decisions. Our fund manager and his team have put together a proprietary group of formulas, spreadsheets and a specific analysis process that are used to assist in all investment decisions. These processes aid in identifying investment opportunities in the the forex market. This investment selection process is tested and continually fine tuned to consistently identify profitable investment opportunities in the forex market.

There are an infinite number of strategies, lucky charms, inside sources, and trend analysis methods that are used by both successful and unsuccessful investors to approach investing. Call us today to get a proven investment strategy in the forex market.

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