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An Outbreak of Fear - Coronavirus

Updated: Mar 21

Every so often fear and irrationality take hold of us. The threat of an unknown contagious disease from a foreign country certainty captivates the imagination. A couple of movies come top of mind: 1) Outbreak - the 1995 blockbuster starring Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo, and more recently 2) Contagion - the 2011 variation with the slogan: "Nothing spreads like fear".

But despite the fact that the actual mortality rate of Coronavirus thus far is only 2%, people around the world are holing up and avoiding contact like something from one of these movies. Flights canceled, stores closed, and public events cancelled - all en masse.


So what can we garner from this from an investment standpoint? Let's take a look at an example in the forex market:

USD/SGD (US Dollar/Singapore Dollar) - One week period of Jan. 23 - 31, 2020

USD/SGD (US Dollar/Singapore Dollar) - Three month period of Nov. 1, 2019 - Jan. 31, 2020

Notice that the USD/SGD pairing has had roughly the same trading range over the past three months as in just this one week alone! The question to ask is: was there any fundamental change to the underlying economics of these two countries in just one week or is the Singapore Dollar merely being sold off due to its close proximity to China?

These are the kind of opportunities we can uncover for you. At Canadian Wealth Strategies, we make it our 24/7 365 mission to monitor, analyze and create profit opportunities for you based on both fundamental economic analysis as well as event driven movements in the forex market.

Reach out today to discuss how we can help you boost your portfolio returns: or 587-416-0501.


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